Hikvision Certification Program (HCSP)

HIKVISION leads the way within video surveillance. From CCTV to IT technology, we have gained a lot of experience along the way and won’t keep them to ourselves. HIKVISION sets an industry standard by offering professional video surveillance certification to validate video expertise. HIKVISION certification program is upcoming and open to global customers and partners, and it includes 3 levels programs which are HCSA, HCSP and HCSE. Besides, HIKVISION provides meaningful endorsement to those who pass and become Hikvision Certified Professionals.

Hikvision Certified Security & Protection Professional focused on advanced operation & maintenance training on Hikvision security devices. It is designed for technical backbones with at least 5 years’ security work experience who is skillful at solving complicated technical problems. Trainee must pass HCSA then can apply for HCSP.



  • Hikvision certification program helps to validate advanced level of knowledge.
  • Hikvision certification program is to help individuals and companies prove the competence and skills in video surveillance.
  • Hikvision certification is to be a unique differentiator for end users when selecting their video surveillance integrator.
  • Upon certification, individuals will get Hikvision certification program certificate.

Trainee Requirement

The certification is open to anyone looking at to show their skill and expertise in video surveillance and total security solution. The trainee should has at least 1 years working in security industry and be familiar with security basics.

Training Methods

Training type : Centralized technical training

Training material : Paper material would be provided to trainees.

Training Instructor

HIKVISION interior instructor who has several years working experience in security industry and is familiar with 1 type or several types of HIKVISION products.

Training Objectives

  • Have a proficient knowledge about Hikvision products and can give a product recommendation in relation to network and analog security solutions.
  • Have a proficient knowledge of how to configure basic parameters on Hikvision security devices.
  • Have a proficient knowledge of how to use Hikvision VMS to monitor and configure security devices.
  • Have a proficient knowledge of IT networks, network operations on security devices and troubleshooting.
  • Have a proficient knowledge of how to troubleshoot some general network or security device problems.

Certification Charges

Nominal Cost. (Board and lodging is not included in the training).

Certification Examination

Test would be arranged in the end of the training, the test includes theoretical test and operation test. Those who pass the test can get HIKVISION certificate. Unsuccessful individuals can request to retake the test within 30 days

Certificate Management

HIKVISON would issue the certificate to those who pass the certification. The certificate has a validity of 24 months.