Commercial-Grade Network Alarm Host

  • Support 8 zones input
  • Equipped with LED/LCD keyboard
  • Support 1-ch local alarm output , 9-ch expandable
  • Support scheduled arming/disarming function
  • Support 1 public subsystem, 8 subsystems
  • Support tamper-proof alarm and movement-proof alarm function of alarm host, tamper-proof alarm function of detector
  • Support message alarm and remote arming/disarming function (DS-19A08-F/KxG support message function)
  • Support 32 remote controllers
  • Support 1-ch siren (DC12V) output
  • Support CID reporting and a port for ADSL accessing
  • Support 3 transmission modes: network transmission, ADSL cable transmission and GPRS transmission (DS-19A08-F/KxG series support GPRS transmission)
  • Support 2 stand-alone Ethernet alarm centers
  • Support 2 stand-alone GPRS alarm centers (DS-19A08-F/KxG Series support GPRS alarm receiving centers)
  • Support 2 stand -alone phone alarm centers
  • Support 8 external alarm keyboards
  • Support 1-ch RS485 half-duplex interface
  • Support external storage battery power supply.

Alarm Host Parameters

Network Management

External Interfaces


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