Multiservice Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch Series

  • Excellent performance
  • 64Gbps backplane capacity
  • non-blocking design
  • video streaming forwarding at full speed
  • Gigabit optical-fiber transmission with up to 120Km distance
  • High security and reliability
  • Providing multiple user authentication modes such as 802.1x authentication
  • Port-MAC-IP bind
  • Special ARP invasion detection to effectively stop ARP cheat
  • Flexible and various managements
  • Adopt cluster technology, support device stacking and use an unified IP address for management
  • Multiple management modes such as Console port, Telnet, Web and SNMP
  • Powerful flow and broadcast management
  • Automatically detecting and controlling broadcast storms, monitoring IGMP packets and effectively preventing broadcast packet's flooding
  • Flow control in full-duplex mode or half-duplex mode
  • The rate limitation in a minimum step of 64K is supported on the Ethernet port
  • IP multicast and QoS
  • Varied protocols
  • 802.3af power supply on all ports
  • 802.3at power supply with the maximum power supply on each port reaching up to 30W
  • Configurable power supply priority guarantees, continuous power supply at key network nodes
  • Configurable power consumption to save power and users' cost.


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