• A signal source can be displayed on the M × N (M ≥ 1, N ≥ 1) display units
  • FPGA-based hardware design with high bandwidth for accessing and processing the high-definition signal
  • 10 kinds of signal sources are supported, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, BNC, SDI, YPbPr, Ultra HD, HDBaseT, HDTVI, DP and IP camera input
  • Live view in the roaming window and signal source list
  • Fluent video output
  • Window spanning for up to 16ch@8.0 MP
  • An enhanced network decoding board supports H.264 and H.265 compression standard and can display network signal of 2-ch@8.0 MP, 2-ch@6.0 MP, 2-ch@5.0 MP, 8-ch@1080p, 16-ch@720p and 32-ch@D1 and local video files
  • Supports 1/4/9/16 split screen layout
  • Up to 6 image layers can be displayed on one screen, including one virtual LED image layer and a background layer
  • Adjustable LED font size, background color and moving type
  • Up to 16384 × 8192 for background layer’s resolution
  • Users are able to manage the signal source and video wall via client software
  • Provides DVI dual link signal collection card whose input resolution is up to 4088×4088/15 Hz
  • A build-in matrix for opening a signal source on several windows at the same time
  • Supports HD/3G SDI synchronous output
  • Supports cross-window video roaming
  • Supports SADP searching active devices
  • Resets the administrator password
  • Supports adjusting the output to match the virtual output
  • The client software is able to manage 16 devices and 4 video walls
  • Supports HDTVI signal and reverse PTZ control
  • Remote control via ipad client software and IE browser
  • Supports preview list for signal sources
  • Intelligent fan to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the temperature


Motherboard (DS-C10S-MSU)

Network Decoding Board (DS-C10S-SI)

Enhanced Network Decoding Board (DS-C10S-SI/UH)

BNC Input Board (DS-C10S-BI/8)

VGA Input Board (DS-C10S-VI/2E, DS-C10S-VI/4E)

DVI Input Board (DS-C10S-DI/2E, DS-C10S-DI/4E)

DVI Dual Link Input Board (DS-C10S-HDI/1)

HDMI Input Board (DS-C10S-HI/4, DS-C10S-HI/2, DS-C10S-HI/E)

SDI Input Board (DS-C10S-SDI/4)

YPbPr Input Board (DS-C10S-YI/2)

DP Input Board (DS-C10S-DPI/4)

HDBasetT Input Board (DS-C10S-HDBI/4)

VGA Output Board (DS-C10S-VO/4E, DS-C10S-VO/2E)

DVI Output Board (DS-C10S-DO/4E, DS-C10S-DO/2E)

HDMI Output Board (DS-C10S-HO/4E, DS-C10S-HO/2E)

SDI Output Board (DS-C10S-SDO/4)

HDBaseT Output Board (DS-C10S-HDBO/4)


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