SXGA LED Light Source DLP Projection Display Unit

  • Adopting the latest LED cold light source technology, the display unit has an ultra wide color gamut range to provide a better control on the color performance. The degree of color saturation is 140%
  • Long lifetime as 60000 hours
  • LED fast switching
  • Automatic color and brightness adjustment ensures the evenness of the color and brightness
  • In-built image processor
  • PIP display
  • The video window can roam, scale, and overlap in the video wall as a floating window.
  • IP5X for Ingress Protection
  • Solid state components reduce the moving parts wear condition thus improve the steadiness and reliability of the LED mechanism
  • A closed structure design, with multiple air filtering system for dust-proof
  • Solid state LED for green and environmental illumination with no mercury pollution

Input Interface

Output Interface

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