Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal(M1 card, CPU card serial No., fingerprint)

  • 7.112cm(2.8-inch) LCD screen to display time, date, week, and attendance information
  • Transmission mode of wired network and Wi-Fi
  • 1:N mode accurate and fast fingerprint recognition (recognition duration < 1.5s)
  • Supports Max. 3000 users, Max. 3000 fingerprints, and Max. 10,000 pieces of events records
  • Supports two ways of attendance authentication mode: authentication by person, authentication by device
  • Supports the stand-alone operation (supports adding persons, cards, and fingerprints locally)
  • Supports downloading attendance reports by U-disk
  • Supports 32 normal shifts, 32 man-hour shifts, and 32 attendance holiday schedules
  • Supports forming reports automatically
  • Convenient installation and easy operation


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