All-in-One Pyronix Intrusion Panel and Hikvision Surveillance Solution Helps Fino Payments Bank

May 11, 2018

Fino Payments Bank takes forward the parent company’s (Fino Paytech) legacy in ensuring banking for all through a nationwide digitally enabled distribution network of around 400 branches and over 25000 banking points. These access points provide utmost convenience and unmatched paperless banking experience right from eKYC-based accounting opening to allowing customers do banking/ payments transactions anywhere, anytime and through any platform – digital/mobile or physical touch points. A revolutionary experience for the huge masses across India.


Fino Payments Bank faced many challenges related to locations security and maintenance. One of the leading Micro Finance organisations (Fino Payments Bank) having offices in Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV cities. The bank functions involve cash deposits, withdrawals and other financial dealings. Every branch of Fino Payments Bank has a cashier cabin and client servicing area.


Fino Payments Bank had few branches in remote locations. The major security concerns were about assets and property. The bank wanted to monitor all sites at the bank headquarter. The standard solutions were unable to meet the security requirement at each site. Areas of concern for the bank was maintenance of different systems at remote locations.


Hikvision offered an integrated solution based on Fino Payments Bank’s project requirements.

Fino Payments Bank project turned out to be a perfect enabler of security management challenges for various branches spread across India. “Integrated Solution from Hikvision has helped us not only to get a perfect solution with a combination of Hardware and Software. But controlling and maintaining the same from one location,” said the management representative of Fino Payments Bank. He further added, “Additionally, it is easy to use and install. Hassel free solution with Sensors, HDD, Intrusion and CCTV, all from one vendor along with Software to Manage and Control the system.”


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