Hikvision Bundles Technology and Convenience for South African Shell Gas Station

June 26, 2014

Johan van Zyl of South Africa has a very interesting hobby. Unlike many business owners, he considers security solutions an intriguing pastime. As the owner of Shell Sentra Motors (a gas station / convenience store) located in the town of Bellville, in the Western Cape of South Africa, security is ....

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Iraqi Security Industry Rebounds with Hikvision Solutions

December 18, 2013

Obviously, Iraq has gone through a great deal of upheaval in its recent history. Where much of its infrastructure was damaged by the first Gulf War in the early 90s, 2003's second Gulf War had a far more crippling effect. Ahmed Shakir, CEO at the Iraqi-based security integrator Khairat Annabaa, exp....

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Hikvision Providing Security for Argentina's Mining Facility

December 6, 2012

Over the past thirty years, the Argentinean town of Sierra Grande, located in the southeastern corner of the Rio Negro Province, has experienced a wide variety of ups-and-downs. During the 1980s, Sierra Grande was a bustling town prospering from its rich natural iron ore deposits and mining capabili....

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A First in Latin America: Hikvision Protected Solar Power

May 24, 2012

A revolutionary concept is taking shape in Argentina: solar power. More to the point, this is Latin America's – not only Argentina's – first solar plant. Generally, most would expect an integral plant such as this to be located in … or near … a major metropolitan area. For Argentina, Buenos ....

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Hikvision Making a Big Impact at Nishat Mills Limited

April 29, 2012

When it comes to security for Pakistan's Nishat Power Limited power plants –located in the city of Jambar Kalan and their Head Office in Lahore – one can see considerable development during recent time. From late 2010 through the first quarter of 2011, Nishat management took steps to install se....

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A Revolutionary Solution to Save Resources in Brazilian Electricity Stations

April 12, 2012

"Possibly the only project of this nature in the whole world, and definitely the only project in Brazil that utilizes mobile DVRs in this fashion," is how Alvaro de Souza, CCTV manager at VMI (the company in charge of designing this security project) aptly defined this revolutionary Brazilian securi....

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Securing Total Petrol Stations in Morocco with Hikvision Solution

February 28, 2012

With more than 250 stations located all over Morocco under Total Group, Total petrol station is the top three petrol suppliers in Morocco and provides clean and reliable fuels for the vehicles across the country. As plenty of customers and vehicles flow in and out every day, it is imperative for Tot....

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Hikvision Takes US Route 1

August 18, 2010

Megapixel cameras and video compression cards from Hikvision are being used at petrol stations on a major American motorway, the north-south highway 'US Route 1' in Massachusetts.? The filling stations are Gulf and Shell outlets on Boston's North Shore. Challenge Problems facing management at these....

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Hikvision Enhances Security Level of Furnas Central Electric SA in Brazil

June 3, 2010

Furnas Central Electric SA (FURNAS) delivers electricity to 51% of households in the southeastern and mid-western regions of Brazil. It is a leading energy company specializing in building and operating electrical power plants and transmission systems, connecting eight states and the Federal Distric....

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