Hikvision Knowhow Protects New York City's Affordable Housing Facilities

January 28, 2014

Though the term affordable housing may differ from region to region, the term's connotation and denotation unfortunately often carry a negative association. And due to the challenges often associated with affordable housing, nations and the world (as well as the cities within them) have taken diff.

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Sounding Hikvision Alarms at Alarms Unlimited

October 11, 2012

Alarms Unlimited The legacy of Alarms Unlimited goes back well beyond the 1950s when the security company started providing security solutions to residential estates. Even though the company has since branched out to the commercial sector, it maintains its portfolio in its residential clientele..

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Fighting Vandalism with Sensibility and Hikvision Technology

September 6, 2012

Virtually every country around the world is negatively affected by vandalism. Graffiti and the destruction of both public and private property are issues that continue to haunt government officials, commercial institutions, and citizens of every level. The United States is no exception. According t.

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Hikvision on Door Duty in New York

March 8, 2010

Hikvision's video compression cards are being used at a prestigious residential building in New York. The block is one of a set of three adjoining riverfront structures in Manhattan that has attracted residents such as Calvin Klein and Nicole Kidman. The buildings were designed by Richard Meier, on.

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