Hikvision Amps Up Security Coverage in Bahrain's Popular Ramez Hyper Market Chain

September 17, 2014

Located throughout Persian Gulf counties is a quickly growing chain of stores known as Ramez Hyper Market. Currently there are 39 individual stores in this region. However, with an aggressive expansion strategy, this total is projected to balloon to 90 total stores within 5 years. Reflecting this i.

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South African Fast-Food Franchises Upgrade with Hikvision

September 2, 2014

Throughout South Africa, international QSR (quick-service restaurants) brands are exploding. These quick-service restaurants (better known by their colloquial term: fast-food restaurants) find this explosion of business opportunity is also a wet pit of business danger..

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Precision Hikvision Tools Secure South Africa's Makro Distribution Center

May 28, 2014

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the largest retailer in the world. In many regions across the globe, the brand Wal-Mart is synonymous with large, discount, and customer savings. In South Africa, Makro retail stores share this same reputation. This should come as small surprise, since Makro's parent compan.

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Hikvision Provides Mac's Convenience Stores in Canada an Individualized Solution

February 26, 2014

For the past 50 years, Mac's Convenience Stores have served the needs of Canadian customers throughout a multitude of locations in Ontario and Western Canada. Mac's Convenience Stores offer a variety of products associated with the general convenience store industry, while certain branches also provide gas.

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Hikvision Helps Streamline Kuwaiti Supermarket Security and Efficiency

November 24, 2013

Most regions, be it states or prefectures, or even countries themselves, have a predominant chain of supermarkets that dot their cities and suburbs. Kuwait is no exception in the matter. While names like the Los Angeles-based Ralphs appe.

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When German Corporations Demand Quality, It Turns to Hikvision

August 21, 2013

As a society, Germany has a well-earned reputation for quality. When German scholars study a subject, they explore every academic option. When German businesses offer a service, they do so with a total commitment and a concern that every aspect be of the highest possible quality. Case in point, whe.

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Hikvision Providing Security for Oman Auto Dealership

May 30, 2013

Located in the heart of Muscat, the capital of oil-rich Oman, reside the showrooms of Suhail Bahwan Automobiles. Offering car manufactures such as BMW, Infinity, and Nissan, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles is the biggest automobile dealer in Oman. And appropriately, it also boasts some of the largest showrooms f.

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Hikvision Helping Oechsle Department Stores Upgrade into the Future

December 13, 2011

Peru, like the majority of countries in South America, believes in a distinctive security approach when adopting new surveillance solutions. One such example is the famous department store chain Oechsle, located throughout Peru's major cities. Oechsle’s success is also analogous to Peru's economic.

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Hikvision on the Malls in Denmark

May 6, 2010

Hikvision's two-megapixel network cameras are being used at supermarkets across Denmark to reduce theft and protect staff. The client, Kiwi Mini Pris, is a discount shopping chain with over 500 outlets throughout Denmark and Norway. In Denmark the stores are run on a franchise system with each loca.

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