Please accord to the following steps:

Sigh up ‘Hikvision Materials License Agreement’ with Hikvision. Fill in ‘Integration Request Form for Embedded Open Platform’. Hikvision will provide embedded development SDK. Develop your application. Pass the compatibility test. Release your application and inform Hikvision to list it in website.

The following is included:

Cross-compiled tool chain. APIs to access camera functionality. Documents: Development guide and protocol document. Application demo.

HEOP SDK requires GNU/Linux OS. Major linux OSis recommended, such as Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, etc.

C or C++ is adopted to develop your applications.Because the libraries of HEOP are intended for C language, the others are notsupported.

The two major debugging methods: NFS and FTP.

Yes. Hikvision provides two methods to get H264 ES stream, please refer toHEOP SDK documents for detailed information.

Yes, please refer to HEOP SDK documents for detailed information.

Yes. Hikvision provides interface to get audio ES data and uncompressed audiostream.

HEOP SDK and other referred tools are supported.For external help, independent software consultant is recommended. Please notethat: any contract between the third party developers and this consultantcompany is established without Hikvision‘s involvement or responsibility.