Reporting Security Flaw

Please send email to to report the security flaw.

Reviewing Security Flaw

  1. Hikvision Security Response Center of Hikvision will confirm and review the security flaw in one work day.
  2. In three work day, the staff of Hikvision Security Response Center will handle the problem and get conclusion. If necessary, the staff may contact the reporter for assistance.

Fixing Security Flaw

The time of fixing is determined by the severity level of the flaw and the difficulty of fixing it. High risk flaw should be fixed in 24 hours, medium risk flaw should be fixed within 3 work days, and low risk flaw should be fixed in 7 work days. In case there is new firmware version delivery related to the flaw, the fixing time will be determined according to real situation. Emergent security announcement will be published for severe security flaw.